Ultimate guide to baby carriers

Ultimate guide to baby carriers

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Looking for a baby carrier, but thinking which would be most suitable for your baby?

Of course! This will be on your mind because you care for your baby and want the best for him/her.

Well, we have done all that hard work for you, with all the information you need. You can now easily sit back, go through the below infographic which has been developed after an in-depth analysis of carriers and make up your decision on a baby carrier, you need to choose for your baby.

What you are thinking now, get started reading!


Buyer’s Guide – Ultimate Guide to Baby Carriers

You should choose a carrier that will serve your baby’s needs throughout her/his development and growth cycleSturdiness

Ensure that the straps and seat will render support to the baby in a secured manner. Do not forget to check that the belts, snaps, buckles are in a good working condition and have high durability

How to choose Baby Carriers and Wraps

For Your Baby Choose baby carriers with front carriers. It should have proper support for thighs of the babies. Your baby should be able to sleep in the carrier, hence you should choose one which has padding to support the neck and head

For the Mothers

You should opt for carriers with a sturdy fabric and are well-padded with wide straps, so that baby’s weight gets distributed equally. This ensures to save your shoulders, upper back, and neck from strain

Carriers and wraps are ideal for discreet breastfeeding. You have to ensure that your baby’s airway do not get covered as you breastfeed. When considering breastfeeding, you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer

Jr They are long piece of fabric which wraps around your neck and your baby. These slings are quite comfortable as the fabric spreads across your whole 1 back and utilizes both your shoulder and back muscles at an equal rate

These carriers are of Asian style and consist of a shaped fabric piece, along with four straps. One set of straps gets tied around your waist, the other around your shoulders. Because of this, the fabric forms a pocket for your baby to fit in

Types of Baby Carriers

Soft Structured Carriers

Soft Structured Carriers are combination of a Rucksack and Mei Tai. The body of this carrier resembles that of a mei Tai. They have structured waist and shoulder straps which fasts with straps or buckles

Ring Slings and Pouches

These are pieces of clothes having two rings sewed to it at one end. The free end is looped via rings, which forms a pouch for your baby. This baby carrier is worn over one shoulder. Ring Slings are very adjustable, but as they are carried on a single shoulder, they may not feel comfortable for long durations.

Identify the material from which the carrier is made. Make sure that it is comfortable for you, your baby and is long-lasting

Safety First

Check for safety features of the carrier. The seat, belts and buckles can get loose or torn after many uses

Mark the child’s age before purchase. How you would be using the carrier will also depend your baby’s age and weight


Carrying Position

Before buying think twice on how you want to carry your baby, Baby carrier’s have different carrying positions depending on their features. You must choose a carrier which best suits your needs.

Size Matters

Make sure that you take into account the size of the carrier depending on your baby’s growing age and size.

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