How to Find the Best Balloon Inflator Hand Pump – Recommendations and Buying Guide

How to Find the Best Balloon Inflator Hand Pump – Recommendations and Buying Guide

Whenever we plan to arrange a party at home, the first question everyone asks is who will inflate the balloons? And believe me, no one wants to take up this responsibility. Inflating balloons is the most tiresome task of any party. No one wants to breathe their lungs just for some cakes. It simply isn’t worth it. But this torture ends now. With the best balloon inflator in your hand, birthday parties will be fun once again.

Old Method of Inflating Balloons

In the past, people used to blow balloons with their lungs. This method is good enough if you have to inflate one or two balloons, but more than this may cause dreading consequences. It can result in painful jaws, sore cheeks, aching lungs, tired arms, aching chest, etc. This tedious method requires effort, time, patience, and of course, determination.


Fortunately, now you don’t have to inflate balloons the old way. All you need is a balloon inflator hand pump that is cost-effective and makes your DIY decoration effortless. The hand pump can inflate a large number of balloons in very little time without taking your effort.

These hand pumps also come in different types, and the efficiency of working also varies among them. By using the pump, you can easily create balloon stands, garlands, centerpieces, arches, and backdrops.

Balloon Pump And Its Types

The balloon pump allows you to fill the balloon with air quickly and easily. It comes with a special nozzle that helps in holding the balloon securely. Balloon pumps are either electrically or manually operated; these pumps are also classified as single action and dual-action.

1. Manual Pump

A manual hand inflator is a device that comes with a handle that is connected to a shaft. This shaft is further linked with a disc that goes to the edge of the cylindrical body of the pump. All you have to do to operate the pump is to force air by using the handle. Manual pumps are further categorized into:

  • Single Action
    If you don’t have to arrange grand parties, and you are planning to blow only a small number of balloons, then a single action balloon pump is perfect for you. In this, you just have to push the air in the balloon through the nozzle in a forward stroke. While the reverse stroke will itself refill the pump with air.
  • Dual Action
    The dual action pump is good enough for inflating balloons for small events. Its process is much more efficient than a single action pump, and this is because it inflates balloons on both forward and reverses stroke. Thus, you should expect better results than a single action pump,

2. Electric Balloon Pump

electric balloon inflator pump


Another major type of balloon pump is the electric pump. This electrically operated pump comes with a motor that helps send a high amount of air to the balloon in no time. Air is sent to the balloon by using a nozzle. Compared to hand pumps, it delivers significant air in very little time without consuming any effort.

Some of the electric balloon pumps even come with four nozzles, and this means you can inflate four balloons at once. So, if you have a big event, this balloon pump is a must-have for you.

How to Choose the Best Balloon Inflator?

If you have to choose the best balloon inflator hand pump for you, you need to consider some important features. We just can’t simply go and pick the hand pump that looks good and attractive. A product that looks apparently nice might not function as well, so you need to be a bit careful. Here’s what you should consider before making a purchase!

Ease of Use:

The best balloon pump is the one that is lightweight, compact, and safe to use. Make sure that the pump is light enough to be used by the kids easily. Children love to inflate balloons, you can’t stop them from doing this activity, so it is better to choose a kids-friendly pump. Those pumps that are not friendly for your kids may not be worth your investment.

Efficient and Practical:

Not all pumps are equally practical and efficient. Some of the pumps are more functional than others. We all surely want to save our time and effort, so look for the model that can inflate a large number of balloons in less time as compared to an ordinary hand pump inflator.

Festive Look:

Other than being highly functional and practical, the look of the hand pump should also be good. Look for the pump that has a colorful and festive look. Thankfully, the Magnolia balloon inflator that we have linked and discussed with you comes in bright and perfect colors according to parties.

Oxygen or Helium

A balloon pump that pumps helium won’t pump oxygen and vice versa; this means you should be clear about your selection. Pumps that inflate air or helium both are available in the market, although air pumps are more common. Make sure to choose the one that suits your needs.

Air Pressure Rating:

The efficiency and strength of the pump is another important factor that you should consider. Strength is usually measured in air pressure or PA. For an electric pump, you should at least have 18,000 to 22.000 PA. Even more pressure than this is also not good because it will cause the balloon to pump so quickly and will have a risk of popping. While, too little pressure is also unacceptable as it inflates the balloon very slowly, making the pump worthless.

Which One Is The Best Balloon Inflator Hand Pump?

We understand that choosing the best balloon inflator is time-consuming and risky. You surely don’t want to invest in a random product and then regret it later on. This is why we have done our research for countless hours and shortlisted one of the best balloon hand manual inflators. Keep reading to know the details of this incredible product.

Magnolia Balloon Hand Manual Inflator Hand Pump


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When we talk about balloon accessories, how can we forget the Magnolia brand? Magnolia is a renowned brand in the balloon industry as they manufacture all the essential items required for the party. Once you start using the products of this brand, you won’t be able to opt for anything else.

Magnolia products will add fun and excitement to your boring event. You don’t have to search out more; once you have all the products of this brand, your decor will be up to the mark. Your balloon decoration game won’t be disappointing.

Features Detail
Material Non-toxic plastic
Size 28 x 4.5 cm
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Colors ‎Several

What Makes This Product So Special?

You must be thinking about why we have specifically declared this product as the best balloon inflator hand pump. There must be something special and unique in this; what is that? Let’s have a look at some of its incredible features!

⦁ Constructed with premium quality, non-odor, non-toxic, and non-fading material, this hand pump will stay with you for a long period.
⦁ This hand pump is a double-action inflator; it means that it will push air both upstroke and downstroke. The balloon will receive air in a moment without applying any major effort in inflation.
⦁ The inflation process is super convenient, and even you can assign the duty of kids to inflate all the balloons for the party.
⦁ Compared to the ordinary hand pump, this pump can inflate the balloon in half the time. This is because of the round-mouth design of the pump, which fills the balloons quickly, making it much more efficient.
⦁ You can create a decor in your own style. Inflate the balloons with this pump, and you can make balloon arch kits, gardens, and stands.
⦁ The best thing about this pump is that it is not only for balloons; rather, you can use it for yoga balls, beach balls, rocket balloons, helium balloons, hopper balls, pool float, and even exercise.
⦁ Comes in different vibrant colors
⦁ The product comes with a 30-day return service, and if you find any problem, you can return it within this period.


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Some Important features:

Here are some of the important features of the Magnolia balloon inflator hand pump:
⦁ Easy push and pull
⦁ Very durable and sturdy
⦁ Much more powerful and efficient
⦁ Save your energy
⦁ Superior construction
⦁ Budget-friendly
⦁ Fun and vibrant colors
⦁ Multipurpose


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So, What Is The Best Balloon Inflator Hand Pump?

Hopefully, now you have a clear idea about everything related to an inflator hand pump. Out of all the pumps available in the market, the Magnolia hand inflator pump is the best one. We say this is our winner product because of its amazing features and incredible reviews. Everyone who loves to do party arrangements at home should definitely buy this economical, durable, and effective hand pump!