Which are the 10 Best Nike Shoes for Running & Standing All Day

Which are the 10 Best Nike Shoes for Running & Standing All Day

Good shoes are essential in helping us live our life to the fullest. What makes a shoe good? A good show is one that will help you stay on your feet all day long without feeling like there are a ton of bricks on them. Nike, a well-known and loved brand that is well-known for making their shoe light and comfortable. Thus, not allowing the wearer to feel like they are dragging the weight of them around. This brand is apt at making shoes for everyone; people that have to be on their feet all day long. Each person has different needs and expectations from their shoes hence, they must choose their shoes carefully. They must keep many factors in mind including; their arch shape, whether or not they need extra support, a comfortable fit, etc. Which are the 10 Best Nike Shoes for Running & Standing All Day that include a multitude of features that only Nike can incorporate in their shoes. All the while making sure that your feet stay comfortable as you go about your daily tasks, forever on your feet to try and achieve all that you want. Note: As an Amazon Associate, We earn from qualifying purchases.


1. NIKE Men’s Tanjun Sneakers

Nike’s Men Tanjun Sneakers are the ones that are the ones that are most recommended and highly praised when it comes to shoes that are comfortable and stay comfortable. Despite how long you wear them. These shoes are built out of high-quality textile material that wraps around the whole show making it extremely durable. The sneakers also have a rubber sole attached at the bottom which is very useful for those who are not fond of getting their shoes wet. The rubber sole allows the shoes to be used in any kind of weather like rain, snow, or sleet without you having to worry about getting your socks or feet wet. It also helps in getting a good grip hence minimizing accidents. The shoe also has a platform and a cushioned foot-bed that allows you to have ample support and cushioning on your feet. Helping reduce any stress on lower body joints. The Nike Tarjuns also include a foam injected midsole that acts as a shock absorber and hence makes the shoe snug. The upper of the shoe has a no-sew mesh fabric that is handmade and has a logo accent. It also includes a fabric lining for extra protection for the feet. This design makes it extremely chic and stylish and can also be paired with a variety of different outfits. The shoe also includes a lace-up closure that is common among many of its competitors. This allows for a secure fit that is essential when someone plans to be standing all day long. This pair is one of the best Nike shoes for standing all day.

What we like

  • Comfortable
  • Breathable fabric
  • Stylish look
  • Many layers of Cushioning

What we don't like

  • Mesh upper layer does not protect against rain
  • A bit narrow so people with wide feet may find it uncomfortable


2. NIKE Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

Having comfortable shoes is a must for people who do not get the time to sit down much and are always on their feet doing various tasks throughout the day. The Nike Men’s Court Lite Shoes are one of the best nike shoes for standing all day. Made of materials such as textile and synthetic; these shoes have a rubber sole that helps make them extremely durable. While also allowing the wearer to walk comfortably as the rubber sole helps to grip the ground better. The shoes also have a mesh tongue that is specially designed to allow breathability so that the shoes do not become hot and uncomfortable after extended periods of use. The GDR outsole provides durable traction and in turn, improves one’s stride. This outsole is also apt at helping the wearer have a proper grip on the ground. This helps to prevent stress on any of their lower body joints like; the knees and ankles. The full-length Phylon midsole provides cushioning while not making the shoe clunky and heavy. This cushioning is quite essential and much appreciated by many as it helps keep your feet comfortable and also absorb shock if need be. No one wants to wear heavy shoes, especially when they will be walking all day long. There is also an added layer of material on the toe area to protect the feet against abrasion as it is often a common complaint among sneaker users. All these features make these shoes a cut above its competitors.

What we like

  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Abrasion-resistant toe area

What we don't like

  • Not the most stylish


3. Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 Running Shoe

Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 Running shoes are designed especially for those who have to stay on their feet all day long. These shoes are curated from textile and synthetic materials that help make the shoe worth your money. The sole is made of synthetic materials that help make it durable and long-lasting. The Closed mesh that runs through the midfoot and heel also helps provide structured support to the shoe while the textured outsole is responsible for providing added traction. These features help the shoe to last a long time and are not the ones that wear down easily. The Downshifter 9 also keeps the comfort of the wearer in mind. It employs the use of open mesh at the forefront to keep the shoe light and breathable hence making it extremely comfortable to wear all day. These shoes also feature a full-length midsole that provides flexible and resilient cushioning. The no-sew midfoot saddle is apt at providing ample support for the feet. Helping prevent any sort of lower body pain one might experience as the cushioning helps absorb shock and protect the joints. The flex grooves are an important part of this shoe and rightly so as it helps the swearer move their feet naturally and you do not have to think about your shoes once you have them on as they are lightweight and fitted. The soft and smooth midsole also makes sure that your strides are cushioned helping you move from place to place every single day making them one of the best Nike shoes for standing all day.

What we like

  • Durable
  • Provided structured support
  • Provides Traction
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight

What we don't like

  • Sizes run small
  • Shoes are a bit narrow


4. NIKE Women’s Tanjun Running Shoes

When one knows that they have to be standing all day long, they choose the most comfortable and perfect pair of shoes they have. Why? Because they do not want their shoes to be an added stress on top of all they have to do that day. The Women’s Tarjun Rinning shoes are the pair that one might consider for times like these. These shoes are designed with comfort and durability in mind and they do not hold back at all. The comfortable mesh on top is purposefully placed to help make the shoes more breathable and light. These shoes have a round-toe silhouette which helps make them very stylish and easy to help enhance your outfit even further. The collar and tongue of the shoe are also lightly padded to ensure comfort. The Nike Trjuns are one of the best Nike shoes for standing all day as they have a lace-up closure that helps the shoes to fit securely on your feet. These shoes also include a textile insole for added comfort and cushioning while also helping the wearer have a good grip to walk as freely as they want to. These insoles are also apt at absorbing shock so that there is no added stress onto the knees and ankles. An injected phylon midsole and the outsole is also an integral part of this shoe. They help elevate the comfort factor to a whole new level. These lightweight shoes are also carefully curated to be stylish. Having many features that put the customer’s needs first makes this pair a cut above its competitors.

What we like

  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Secure fit

What we don't like

  • Donot have a lot of Arch support


5. Nike Women’s Flex Rn 2018 Low-Top Sneakers

Comfortable shoes are a must-have for people who are on their feet all day long. They need shoes that are comfortable, durable, and breathable so that they can remain stress-free all day long. Nike’s Flex Rn Low- Top Sneakers checks all these boxes and more. These shoes are carefully designed to maximize comfort. They have a circular knit upper layer along with lightweight synthetic overlays. This helps provide the wearer with a comfortable fit that is neither too tight nor too loose. These shoes are also padded to absorb shock and help relieve the wearer of any sort of knee or back pain that they might face. These shoes also have a beautiful design, one that is extremely popular and versatile meaning that it can help elevate your outfit to the next level. It effectively employs a dynamic fit technology that utilizes Flywire cables that are built into the lacing. This built helps to promote a more adaptive and supportive fit. One that feels almost custom to your feet. To ensure further comfort, the Flex Rn Sneakers go a step ahead. They also include a lightly padded tongue and collar that help prevent uncomfortable rubbing on your feet. These shoes also make sure that your joints are well supported and that there is no extra added stress on your lower body joints thus helping prevent future knee and back pain. These shoes are also extremely breathable and allow for a good in-foot feel so that your shoes provide comfort rather than worry throughout your busy day. This makes them one of the best Nike shoes for standing all day.

What we like

  • Lightweight
  • Uses Dynamic Fit technology
  • Padded for comfort

What we don't like

  • Narrow
  • Run a little small


6. Nike Men’s Odyssey React 2 Shield 

A reliable shoe is a dream for those who have to stand all day in order to make their livelihoods. To these people, a shoe must be comfortable and durable to keep up with the amount of movement they have to do. The Nike Men’s Odyssey React 2 Shield Running shoes are one of the best Nike shoes for standing all day. These shoes promise to deliver a smooth and responsive ride for their wearer and they do fulfill that promise. They include an athlete informed outsole that helps to evenly disperse impact to provide a smooth transition and a soft feel. This feature is extremely important as it helps to not strain the wearer’s knee and back as that may cause knee and back pain in the future. The outsoles are also designed to have channels that are apt at shedding water for traction so even on the wettest of surfaces, you do not have to worry about slipping and embarrassing yourself. These outsoles also have a sticky rubber finish that helps enhance the grip on slick surfaces to prevent any skidding on your part. The Men’s Odyssey React 2 by Nike also offers a molded foam collar that offers smooth comfort and support around the ankles. This support helps prevent any stress you might have felt otherwise that may have led to other pains in your lower body joints.  The shoe also includes reflective elements that add a bit of style to the shoes because who said comfort and style can not go hand in hand?

What we like

  • Smooth and responsive
  • Outsoles shed water fast
  • Sticky rubber for added grip support
  • Comfortable

What we don't like

  • Sizes run a bit small


7. Nike Women’s Revolution 5 

Standing all day long is extremely tiring and to prevent that, you need to make sure that your feet are comfortable all day long. Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Running shoes are well known for combining both style and comfort to give the best Nike shoes for standing all day. These shoes have a synthetic sole that is well built and capable of wear and tear hence making them extremely durable. Designed using lightweight material and a knit textile, these shoes are extremely comfortable and breathable as that makes sure that your foot remains comfy. A reinforced heel and no-sew overlays lend support to the wearer’s ankles and knees. This added support is essential in making sure that the shoe absorbs shock so that there is no added stress on the wearer’s knees. The shoes also offer lightweight cushioning. The soft foam midsole is apt at delivering a smooth and stable ride. It fits snugly thus making your shoes a part of your feet. The textured outer wall of these shoes also helps to reduce the overall weight of the shoe. A shoe’s weight can be a serious issue when talking about long time use since no one wants to be tired out just by the weight of their shoes. The textured outer wall also helps hides creases that eventually develop on any shoe. It helps give them the appearance of being brand new even when they aren’t. The rubber outsole on these shoes also offers durable traction on a variety of surfaces. Now, you can walk on the slickest of floors without the worry of slipping. All these features make these Nike shoes one of the best out there.

What we like

  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Provides traction

What we don't like

  • Sizes run a little small


8. Nike Women’s Downshifter 9 Sneaker

Running freely is the motto behind the Nike Women’s Downshifter 9 Sneakers. They are designed specifically to help you stay on your feet all day long and Run freely to wherever the day might lead you without the worry of your shoes holding you back. These shoes have a rubber sole that helps give the show an elegant shape among many other factors. They also provide the wearer with a comfortable fit. Featuring an open mesh at the forefoot helps the shoe be lightweight and breathable preventing hot and sweaty feet with extended use. The overall design of the Nike Women’s downshifter 9 sneakers is durable. It includes closed mesh throughout the midfoot and heel. This helps provide structured support to those who opt for these shoes. These Nikes are also designed to be stylish and are carefully curated to work with every outfit and are a stylish pair. The textured outsole is another feature that provides additional traction and durability hence preventing you from skidding on slick and wet surfaces. Flex grooves also help provide additional traction to help your feet move naturally. These shoes are articulated with a full-length Phylon midsole that helps provide resilient and flexible cushioning while the no-sew midfoot saddle delivers support to protect your joints. This cushioning is very helpful in the long run as it helps keep the feet comfortable and well supported. Helping prevent future back and knee pain that can be very debilitating, these shoes are one of the best Nike shoes for standing all day. These Nikes won’t restrict any movement so you truly can run freely.

What we like

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight

What we don't like

  • Sizes run a bit small
  • Fabric on the top layer is a bit loose


9. Men’s Revolution 4

These high-quality shoes are exactly what most look for in a shoe that they plan on standing all day long. The Nike Men’s Revolution 4 Running Shoe are ones that effectively combine design and functionality. They also ensure that your feet stay comfortable day in and day out as you go about your daily tasks. The soles are made of synthetic material that helps them stay brand new throughout the years and maintaining their original shape. The molded pods help offer multi-surface traction. The pods are carefully designed to flatten on impact and then spring back at the toe-off creating a piston effect. Such a design provides responsive cushioning that is very important when considering a shoe that you would wear for a long time. These shoes also have a soft midsole that is lightweight hence providing comfort while also not being heavy. A golden combo for any shoe. Along with so many features, these shoes are also extremely stylish and pair well with almost any outfit. The underlays in the vamp and toe tip of these shoes also help in offering support and structure for a comfortable experience. All the while making sure that there is no added stress on any of your lower body joints. The Men’s Revolution 4 are lightweight and have a no-sew overlay along the midfoot hence providing a durable built while also being lightweight. For breathability, a single layer mesh upper is installed to ensure comfort during long wear. This pair is one that outshines all of its competitors without even trying, Thus, making them the best Nike shoes for standing in all day

What we like

  • Minimal design
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Molded pod technology

What we don't like

  • Shoe squeaks
  • Shoes run a bit smal


10. Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit

Good shoes are an integral part of a person’s life when they know they have to stay on their feet all day long. The Nike Zoom Flyknit Men’s running shoes are such people’s best friend. Made of high-quality materials, as Nike is known for, these shoes pack a punch with both comfort and style easily making it one of the bests out there. These shoes feature a full-length Carbon fiber plate that helps to give the shoes a snappy feel to them that most people enjoy and that also helps when you have to walk all day long. The Flyknit has a unique construction. One that includes materials that help provide breathability to these shoes making sure that hot and sweaty feet are not a concern. This built also ensures comfort so that your feet stay pain-free. Nike React technology is employed to make sure that the wearer is comfortable and has a soft and responsive ride. One that will not cause knee and back pains in the future. The fusible yarns used in this pair’s construction helps create zones of structure and support without adding weight to the shoes. They help distribute your weight evenly throughout the shoe to prevent stress on the heels. Hence, they are lightweight and comfortable. The bootie-like construction of the Nike Zoom Flyknit gives it a snug sock-like fit that also helps support the ankles against stress. These shoes are a complete all-rounder with their magnificent style, durability, and comfort.

What we like

  • Snappy feel
  • Durable
  •  Lightweight
  • Supportive
  • Snug fit

What we don't like

  • Not very stable
  • Narrow



Comfortable shoes are a must and one should never deny themselves of them especially if their job has them standing all day long. A good shoe choice includes picking a shoe that fits well onto your feet and is comfortable throughout the day. Breathability is also another important factor that has to be considered. No one wants their feet to be hot and sweaty throughout the course of the day as it may cause infections. One must also pay close attention to how comfortable the shoe is and if it provides ample support to both knees and ankles to help prevent any strain. The shoe must be able to distribute the weight evenly to allow comfort all day long. Flexibility, design and price are also factors that should come into play when making such an important decision. In the above list, the shoes check all the boxes that constitute a perfect shoe for staying on your feet all day long. These beauties will provide comfort and a beautiful design all for very reasonable prices that are pocket friendly and desirable.




Older List for the best shoes for standing all day

Working on your feet throughout the day can really be painful and wearing the wrong shoes can add to the pain. You may encounter several issues such as poor posture, shoulder stiffness, low back pain, painful feet, sore muscles, fatigue if you are wearing the wrong shoes. To be honest, if you are wearing a perfect pair of shoes you can conquer freaking Mt. Everest and if you are not – you can barely move. So, ladies and gentlemen without much ado, let’s hit the list of the Best Shoes for Standing All Day – For Women and Men.

Best Shoes for Standing All Day – Women

Ladies it’s time for you to taste unbeatable comfort with the list of the Best Women’s Shoes for Standing All Day Long.

1. Clarks Haydn Harvest Flat Leather 12x8x4 0.4 pound
2. New Balance 1540V2 Synthetic 12x8x4 3 pounds
3. Skechers Sports Loving Life Synthetic / textile 10x8x3 2.3 pounds
4. Crocs unisex Bistro Clog Synthetic NA 1.3 pounds
5. Alegria Women’s Classic Clog Leather 12x8x4 2 pounds
6. Dr Martens 1461 Leather NA 3.1 pounds
7. Nike Flex experience Rn3 Synthetic NA 3 pounds
8. Propet Taxi Pump Leather 12x8x4 2 pounds
9. Nike Air Vomero 10 Mesh 13x9x5 2.3 pounds
10. Dr Comfort Annie Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Lycra NA 5 pounds


“Office going ladies put your hand up” because the Clarks Haydn Harvest flat is made just for you. This party cum office shoe is made of 100% leather which makes this shoe highly durable.

Haydn Harvest comes in three amazing shades – black lizard print leather, brown lizard print leather and pebble pattern brown. It has a minimal heel height of 1 inch. This shoe has a durable imported rubber sole.

These shoes are the perfect combination of class and comfort which may make it a little less stylish than your stilettos. So if you are a heel girl these may not attract you much

This shoe has a leather upper with apron toe host and a unique reptilian texture throughout. With molded foot bed this shoe has a smooth fabric lining which will give you extra comfort which will make your experience of standing all day better than ever.

A very comfortable for all day long support This shoe is low on style quotient
It has a moulded foot bed
Also be good for people with plantar fasciitis


If you are a runner babe then here comes a good shoe for you…

Life is incomplete without a comfortable pair of running shoes. To boost your daily fitness regime presenting the New Balance Women’s 1540V2. This shoe is made in the USA with a synthetic body and a durable rubber sole to give you “A class” experience.

With features like maximum support running and standing, breathable mesh panel and dual-density foam collar this shoe will give you some serious results.

This shoe is a little heavier. Though if you are comfortable with heavier ones you can still be very happy with this one.

This shoe has a 10mm of heel to toe drop. Also, this shoe is made with no-sew material which has Roll Bar lateral and medial rear foot stability.

It has a rear foot stability for extra comfort It has a small toe area
It has a rear foot stability for extra comfort
Well breathing material used


A great indoor and outdoor sport casual slip on sneaker. Made with synthetic / textile material and an imported outsole Skechers sport is one of the best options for standing all day shoes.

It has a memory foam insole which takes the shape of your feet; giving it a massage-like feeling whenever you wear them. The flex groove outsole makes the shoe more comfortable for standing long hours and highly durable.

This shoe has a small forefoot area; so if you have broad feet this shoe may itch a bit in the beginning, but later it will loosen up a bit.

This shoe is available in three vibrant colors – multi color+black, blue+charcoal and plain black.

These shoes are light weight and stylish The shoes has a bit narrow forefront
It has a memory foam insole which makes them very comfortable
The Flex Groove outsole makes it slip resistant
You get a good brand with a affordable price


When it comes to waterproof, slip resistant and comfortable footwear Crocs just comes on the top of the list. In our list of shoes for standing all day, Crocs deserves a special mention.

The Bistro Clog is designed especially for the ones in the food industry as Crocs tread meets industries slip resistant standards (ASTM F1677). It has an enclosed design and thicker metatarsal area which helps from kitchen slips.

You need to wear these Crocs with care as they are meant to be worn indoors (kitchen etc.) and not to be worn in rough areas.

So ladies, if you have been searching for something to wear in your kitchen while you are cooking for the whole town and your kitchen is a mess then these Crocs may come to your rescue.

These Crocs are easy to clean, just apply some soap and rinse with water. To give you a message like feeling this footwear has a foot bed too.

This is a perfect kitchen shoe The shoe doesn’t have good arch support
This shoe has high comfort level as compared to other shoes
Easily washable shoes, you don’t have to worry too much of washing it


Do you choose comfort over fashion? Then a lovely slip on is waiting for you.

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Made with leather and leather sole this footwear has a 1.5″ heel. This shoe has a flat base which maximizes contact with floor providing high stability. Its platform measures 1″ which will give a good walking time.

If you are looking for fashion and style this shoe is not your type. But if comfort is your “Question” then “Algeria Classic Clog” is your answer.

Its clog features a t-strap design and adjustable buckle which ensures a perfect fit. It has a soft foot bed which takes the shape of your feet. It has a removable insole which makes it easy to maintain and breathable.

Easy to wear and highly comfortable These shoes are not a good option for night outs or parties
These shoes have a buckle on the strap which allows you to adjust the tightness
If you have plantar fasciitis, these shoes are a good option for you


A near to perfect office shoe coming your way…

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Why should boys have all the fun? A shoe which has all the professional and stylish features that are capable of helping you stand all day long in the office. Made with leather, this shoe comes in all funky colors – cherry red, red, coral canvas, cherry, floral blue and black.

The leather used is very high quality, and keep your feet in good shape. Also the height of this shoe is perfect and help you maintain good posture when you are standing for long hours.

Don’t think of wearing this shoe to the party as it will ruin the charm of your party look. Otherwise, this shoe is commendable.

Made with leather and rubber sole this shoe has a perfect bouncing sole for extra stride. This shoe has a 360-degree welt stitching and three eye lacing. It has a 1″ heel which is perfect for regular use.

Perfect dimension of heel and toe Typical office wear shoe, not for partying
This shoe has a bouncing sole which gives extra stride
These shoes are slip resistant


Ideal shoes by Nike for running, which provides natural motion, but are also very much suitable for other activities like walking and standing. It has articulated phyllite, which gives a lightweight ride and a great transition.

The upper body of the shoe is made of a mesh like material which allows good breathability, if it is worn for a long period of time.

If you are a fan of Nike’s color range of shoes, then this shoe may disappoint as it has limited option. Though honestly those two colors are “pick n run”.

To provide great lockdown, Nike has added a special inner sleeve construction to RN 3. Rubber pods present in toe and heel make this shoe highly wearable. RN 3 has a simple pattern and reduced layering which makes it flexible.

Good for your feet for long hours May skid in indoors
It is flexible which makes its wear and tear durable
The upper mesh is very breathable


Waiting for something stylish? No worries next shoe will “pump” up your spirit…

best shoes for standing all day nike

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A sleek, stylish and easy to slip on office pump that will make you stand out of the crowd in your office. Made with leather, this pump has a synthetic sole which makes it resistant to water and slip.

This Taxi pump has a 3-inch heel which will make you look great in those pencil skirts. The upper area of this pump is made of premium leather and it has a smooth breathable leather lining too. These are the best women’s dress shoes for standing all day, which you can find.

This is an office shoe with heels. If you are comfortable while walking on a 3” heel; then you don’t have to worry about anything else.

You can wear these pumps possibly with any dress as they are available in numerous colors – Cayenne, black, oyster, black patent and navy.

Extra attention is paid while making this pump which in turn makes this shoe wearable than any other.

This shoe has a comfortable heel If you don’t wear heels these may be little uncomfortable for you
You can wear these with any dress
The leather used is very breathable
Wide range of sizes and colors available


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Another exceptional running shoe from the house of Nike to make your morning and night running praiseworthy. They are so comfortable that you can wear them all day long. The upper body of this shoe is made with new improved fly mesh combined with dynamic Flywire technology for breathability, lockdown and comfort.

Its dual density cushion mid-sole features softer foam in the forefoot and harder foam in the heel area giving you the perfect balance.

If you are flat footed the arch support of this shoe may make you uncomfortable. But once you get used to it you will feel getting better.

Vomero 10 has the special Nike zoom in the heel and forefoot area for extra support. These shoes have Duralon rubber in the forefoot and high abrasion rubber in the heel which gives you high traction and cushioning.

This shoe is great for runners as well as staying comfortable all day long This might not be a good option for flat footed
Nike Zoom adds support to both heel and forefoot
Wide variety of colors to choose from


Do you have a foot problem, then the next shoe will bring you relief…

best shoes for standing all day

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A therapeutic diabetic shoe made with the finest quality products makes it the best buy if you have a foot problem. This shoe has good color options too – acorn, black, beige and blue.

These shoes are also great for and most comfortable for standing long hours, even if you don’t have diabetes.

With the entire comfort fitting and extra care taken to make this shoe wearable for diabetic patients this shoe is heavier than others. But it is high on comfort.

This shoe has extra depth (7/16″) and Dr Comfort gel insert included. It has a stylish Velcro closure which makes it a lightweight walkway shoe. The shoe cover is made with stretchable Lycra fabric with seamless and padded lining.

These shoes are comfortable than any other shoe in the market It has some extra weight
Not only these shoes are comfortable but stylish too
Dr. Comfort gel insoles provide extra support while standing


Best Shoes for Standing All Day For Men

1. Clarks Men’s Portland 2 Leather 12x8x4 2 pounds
2. New Balance Men’s M1540V2 Optimum Synthetic 12x8x4 0.1 pound
3. Skechers 76995 Synergy-Flex Gripper Synthetic 12x8x4 0.1 pound
4. Crocs unisex Bistro Clog Synthetic NA 1.3 pounds
5. Alegria Chairman Leather NA 3 pounds
6. Dr Martens 1461 Gibson Leather 12x8x4 4 pounds
7. Nike Men’s Flex Rn 4 Mesh 13.5x5x9 3 pounds
8. Propet Galway Walker Slip On’s Leather 13x6x5 4 pounds
9. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 Mesh 14x10x5 2 pounds
10. Dr Comfort Douglas Therapeutic Diabetic shoe Lycra 14x15x7 5 pounds


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If you are the type of guy who likes it rough and tough yet stylish, then this shoe fits in your comfort zone. An awesome casual shoe from Clarks Men’s Portland 2, which will give you an all day long comfort while standing on concrete as well and to stay active at the same time.

This shoe has a leather finish and comes in two casual shades – black leather and brown leather. It has a tough rubber sole which will give you an extra grip on your baby’s day out.

Though this shoe has a terrific body, but it is slightly heavier than other contemporary shoes. Also, if you are not a leather shoe fan then this shoe may not excite you.

The shaft measures approximately 3.5 inches from the arch, heel measures approximately 1.5 inches and the platform measures 0.5 inches.

The instant lace-up shoe features a rugged whip stitched toe and padded collar in contrast stretch fabric.

This shoe has an extra grip which gives you the confidence to go where ever you want These shoes are slightly heavy
It has tough rubber sole which gives extra grip all the time


If you are not so much into leather then we have a “RUNNING” surprise coming your way…

best shoes for standing all day nike

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The New Balance Men’s M1540V2 has one of the best motion controls which will give you an extra edge while running, walking and all day standing.

The shoe is made with synthetic fabric and is available in basic grayish black color. New Balance is popular for creating shoes which help athletes achieve their goals.

Weighing around 1.6 ounces (0.1 pounds) this lightweight shoe has a different level of foot support. With features like motion control, padded and breathable mesh tongue & collar with the Roll Bar support system you can stand as long as you want.

These shoes are best for athletic and standing for long hours too These may be heavier than your running shoe
It has motion control which lets you run like a cheetah


…if you do a job which is no less than combat field, we have a good alternative for you

best shoes for standing all day

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For all those men who have a superhero job, there feet need requires some extra care. If this is the kind of job you are in, then honestly, this is the best buy for you out of all Top 10 shoes for standing all day range.

This shoe has everything extra for you. Extra comfort, extra protection and extra on looks too.

To protect you from any falling object, it has an “Alloy safety toe” (ASTM F2413-05 I75 C75 standards).

If you are an IT guy or if your job doesn’t involve site work, then this may not be a smart buy for you. Still, if you want to taste the thunder… you can go for these.

This shoe is slip resistant (ASTM FM1677-05) and provides traction for a confident walk during wet conditions and also is great for standing on concrete all day

Skechers has taken care of electric prone areas too, as this shoe has an electric hazard safe design (ASTM F2413-05EH). This will add an extra layer of protection on insulated surfaces to help prevent shock in electric shock prone areas.

These shoes will protect you from all possible environmental hazard The size chart might be a little confusing
It has extra protection layer to protect you from electric shocks
This shoes are very comfortable to wear


…if you do a job which is no less than combat field we have a good alternative for you

best shoes for standing all day

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When it comes to waterproof, slip resistant and comfortable footwear Crocs just comes on the top of the list. In our list of shoes for standing all day, Crocs deserves a special mention.

The Bistro Clog is designed especially for the ones in the food industry as Crocs tread meets industries slip resistant standards (ASTM F1677). It has an enclosed design and thicker metatarsal area which helps from kitchen slips.

You need to wear these Crocs with care as they are meant to be worn indoors (kitchen etc.) and not to be worn in rough areas.

So ladies, if you have been searching for something to wear in your kitchen while you are cooking for the whole town and your kitchen is a mess then these Crocs may come to your rescue.

These Crocs are easy to clean, just apply some soap and rinse with water. To give you a message like feeling this footwear has a foot bed too.

This is a perfect kitchen shoe The shoe doesn’t have good arch support
This shoe has high comfort level as compared to other shoes
Easily washable shoes, you don’t have to worry too much of washing it



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If there is anything that can match up to your expectation of style and comfort then Alegria Chairman tops the list. With its full stain resistant leather body and an elegant side-buckle, make a style statement wherever you go.

You no more have to worry about comfort while you are standing all day or going to a party as Alegria Chairman has already taken care of it. It has a memory foam footbed which will make you dance to every song.

There can be only one possible reason for you to, not buy this shoe and that is… if you are not in love with leather slip-ons.

Alegria Chairman has an open back so it is really easy it to slip-in. This shoe is perfect if you are the go-getter employee. It has a special non-slip polyurethane outsole which is perfect for office use.

These shoes are both comfortable and stylish This shoe is quite heavy in size
The material used in making these shoes is washable an easy to maintain


…moving ahead, we have an amazing option to give you a totally professional look instantly.

nike best shoes for standing all day

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Looking for something professional and comfortable? Dr Martens 1461 will help you out. A typical office shoe, with an extra comfort edge which will help you to stand all day and do your work.

It has a 1.25-inch heel which will give you a classy formal look. To give you extra comfort this shoe has a padded foot bed too.

A simple yet classy shoe with leather lace up Oxford featuring a logo embossed lateral heel and signature yellow stitched welt will make you stand out of the crowd.

There can be nothing as good as these shoes for your office wear Little heavy weight
Padded food bed for extra comfort which will help you stand long hours


Runners don’t feel bored, we have another surprise for you.

best shoes for standing all day

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No one can beat the runner’s heat better than Nike. Available in preferably all vibrant colors Flex Rn 4 will take your running experience to a whole new level.

These shoes possibly have no defect except for the size you choose. The size of Nike Flex Rn 4 will be little smaller than your regular size

With its new improved rubber sole and mesh body Flex Rn will let you run an extra mile. For an outstanding comfort run, Flex Rn 4 has IU mid-sole. Its 8mm heel-toe offset encourages a natural stride.

Flex Rn 4 is breathable and has a single upper mesh layer with no-sew overlays for a lightweight supportive fit. Its Minimal Green rubber Outsole with pods in high-wear areas, makes it all time durable.

One of the best runner shoe available Size may not be accurate
Comfort is one thing that is totally assured
Very light weight


Are you a little old school when it comes to shoe choices? Yes? Good, we have a good option coming your way.

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A typical old school slip-on which is nothing less in comfort end and now on looks too. Propet Galway Walker Slip On’s have leather finish with a synthetic sole which all together are very comfortable. Do a standing job, go to an office, library or evening walks, this will be there for you all day long.

It has polyurethane sole which makes it more durable and shock absorbent. Propet Galway has a Polyyou air insole which keeps odors and moisture at bay. While padded collar provides comfort the twin elastic gores give an easy on and off experience.

If you are looking for something peppy, young and college going then this won’t be a good option for you. Though a dapper outgoing look is always appreciated

This shoe is hand stitched which makes it more flexible than ever.

These shoes are ready to slip in and out Though comfortable while wearing but the looks aren’t good
Odor free and breathable shoes
Have a good amount of cushion inside


One company that doesn’t stop experimenting with its shoes is Nike. They always come up with something spicy and exciting. This shoe comes up with the new improved “Flywire Technology”. The Flywire technology has strategically placed filaments which function as cable of a suspension bridge.

Colorful options are something that Nike will always provide you with. A catchy lace structure to provide tighter and centralized fit.

On one hand, these shoes are highly comfortable, good looking and perfect partner for all day standing jobs, running and gym sessions, though they are a little heavy on your pocket

The “Zoom Air” unit, cushion impact shock into responsive energy return and a rubber crash pad soften the impact to keep you moving.

Makes feet feel good for a change May produces weird sound after couple of months
Great shoes for gym sessions too


It’s time for your feet to sing a happy song…

Best Shoes for Standing All Day

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You say comfort we say, Dr Comfort Douglas. This pair of shoes takes personal care of your feet for those “not so good days”. This shoe is made with special Lycra material with seamless and padded body, it has a sole made with a combination of leather and rubber.

Dr Comfort Douglas is highly promising shoe and is one of the best shoes for the ones with foot problems. Made with lightweight leather and Lycra which has a Velcro strap attached to it.

The aim of this shoe is to give high comfort to the one who is wearing it. This shoe is filled with extra soft padding gel, which makes it little heavy which may slow down your speed

If you are looking for high-class comfort while you wear it all day or are just going for camping, this shoe won’t disappoint you.

This shoe has a Dr. Comfort Gel insert along with it (*brownie point*). Also, if you are looking for a Ranger hiker boot this is the best buy as this has a stretch fabric which will give you good comfort.

The level of comfort these shoes have is Its high end features make it heavier than other shoes
Dr Comfort Gel Insert included for extra care of your feet
The overall look of the shoe is fantastic and stylish


Buyer’s Guide – The Final Verdict

There are a number of factors which you should consider while purchasing shoes for standing all day. These factors will assist you in taking the right decision for selecting these shoes.

You should be careful to choose shoes which offer the right support, the right kind of padding, construction materials and slip resistant soles. Considering these factors will surely help you in the long run as you will be protected from severe injuries while standing entire day and night.

Slip Resistant Soles

If your job requires you to stand throughout the day for working, it is a prerequisite that you should choose the right footwear. Slipping happens to be one of the most common problems, one may encounter while standing on the feet across the day.

You should make sure to purchase a shoe with slip resistant sole which will render comfort to you. These shoes can also bestow protection to you from various danger in the workplace.

If your job place has heavy equipment that can fall on you, you should strictly look for a shoe with the slip resistant sole. The special rubber in these shoes will help you in staying secure on the ground. Thus, these shoes can help you in standing on the feet for a longer time duration.

The Right Construction Materials

It is paramount that the shoes should have the right constructing materials. It is recommended to purchase a shoe with genuine leather as these materials are considered to be great for people standing all day.

Shoes of Genuine Leather

Genuine leather counts to be one of the most reliable clothing material for people who stand all day for hundred of years. Shoes made of these materials have stood the test of time and they are known to be the most sturdy materials.

These shoes stand second to none when it comes to comfort. Genuine leather plays an integral role in keeping your feet stretched.

These shoes have the best durability for years and confer protection to your feet from excess sweating.

Synthetic and Rubber Materials

Synthetic leather along with rubber is considered to be one of the most popular materials. It is the best option for people who are not willing to use animal products.

Materials of synthetic and rubber construction will render protection to your feet if you are working in a place where feet may get dirty at ease.

The shoes comprised of these materials are also preferred owing to their higher durability.

Arch and Heel Support

If you are looking for a shoe for standing all day, you should make sure that the shoes should have the right kind of arch and heel support. You should buy a shoe that comes with heel-to-toe differential.

These shoes are much better in comparison to shoes with barefoot style. Since the barefoot shoes do not come with raised heel, it may place huge tension on the feet while standing and thus create several problems for you.

It is integral that the shoes should have the right amount of arch support for keeping feet strong across the day.


Padding is another important factor you should consider while buying the shoes for standing through the day. The right amount of padding will confer protection and comfort to the feet.

Low Heels

It goes without saying that shoes that come with heels are not good for people standing all day.

These shoes are highly uncomfortable and may lead to severe pain. Hence, it is advisable to purchase shoes with low or no heels.


Standing all day is really hassle some. Hence, it is integral that you should purchase shoes that will support your feet.

It is best to wear shoes that come with cushioning. Hence, it is required to wear shoes of supreme quality that come along with a good midsole.

The midsole is the part of sole amidst the insole and outer sole. Avoid cheap shoes as they do not have a good quality of midsole. They are of low durability and will not impart decent support to you as well.


If you need to stand all day for your job, it is recommended that you should purchase a good pair of insoles. These shoes are certainly better for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.

The custom made insoles do not fit perfectly every time. However, if you are capable of fitting them in a perfect way, they will assist in healing feet at a faster rate.


Working in retail stores, hospitals, and production floor require you to stand throughout the day. You need to walk frequently during working hours as well.

Thus, it is a must to choose shoes that are lighter in weight. You should never walk wearing heavier shoes during work. Light weight shoes can render the best comfort to you while walking.

Keeping these factors in mind while purchasing these shoes will certainly be helpful for you. Every shoe is designed for a specific purpose.

Shoes which are made for standing throughout the day have specific features owing to which you can stand on your feet at ease for hours. Working will be much easier as you choose these shoes.

How are Standing Shoes Different from Walking Shoes?

Even if the regular running shoes and standing shoes appear identical, apparently, but a closer look will reveal several differences between the two.  Likewise, there are differences in terms of utility that both these options are meant to serve.

The paragraph’s underneath shall discuss the key points of differences between standing shoes and walking shoes.

Walking shoes supports the body mechanism in the course of motion 

The most crucial point of difference between standing and walking shoes lies on the point of the design.

Walking shoes get constructed in a style that makes it more flexible, contrasted with the standing shoes. These shoes feature a design that enables a higher range of motion as the forefoot rolls forward.

In comparison to the standing shoes, walking shoes provides better arch support. In comparison to the standing shoes, walking shoes features more cushioning that absorbs the shock produced during the course of walking.

Higher arching is featured in walking shoes as contrast to standing shoes

Another significant difference between walking and standing shoes is that in the case of former category of shoes, you will notice much higher arching.

This is done to ensure better shock absorption during the course of walking. Standing shoes will feature the least arching among all categories of footwear.

Walking shoes feature better water-resistant properties, in contrast to the standing shoes

The regular walking shoes come with waterproof and water-resistant properties, unlike the standing shoes. This is obvious as you will require crossing the waterlogged streets in the course of walking.

It is important to be aware of the differences between the walking and standing shoes as these shoes are meant to serve different utilities.

Pick the one that best fits your needs so that you can reap the maximum value for your money.

Important Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Shoes For Standing All Day

Are you among those professionals who require standing throughout the day? If so, you need to ensure that you are wearing the standing shoes that are specially meant to support your feet in such occasions. Hence, it is important that you pick your standing shoes being wise and considerate.


A pair of carefully chosen standing shoe will make you feel comfortable and hence, you can concentrate better on your work.

This will boost the level of your efficiency and productivity. The paragraphs underneath will discuss the key factors you need considering while buying standing shoes.

1.  Consider the Materials for Best Shoes For Standing All Day

The material used for the construction of the shoe is one of the major points of consideration.

Materials of the shoe determine the aspects of style, comfort and durability. Hence, while buying a standing shoe, you should give maximum focus on materials used in making the shoe.

In this regard, you can opt for the shoes made from genuine leather, rubber shoes, synthetic leather shoes as well as the ones shaped with Synthetic mesh.

Note, each of these materials comes with their respective Pros and Cons.

Hence, before you are making your pick, you need to consider these points.

For instance, shoes constructed with a genuine leather material offer ultimate comfort, offer the longest durability and features aesthetic appearance, but on the other hand, leather shoes tend to turn a bit heavier, compared with the ones made with synthetic leather, rubber or other materials.

Likewise, synthetic materials can trigger skin eruptions in some cases; especially if you have more sensitive skin. Hence, you should decide on the material, considering their respective Pros & Cons as well as its suitability in your vase.

2.  Great Fittings for your Feet For Standing All Day

Standing throughout the day exerts a great deal of pressure on your feet. You will not be able to concentrate on your work unless the shoe is offering you the coveted comfort and convenience.

Hence, you need to ensure that the shoe you are picking offers you the ultimate comfort for your legs.

If you have to ensure the comfort of the standing shoes, you should select a shoe, which offers you the perfect fitment. Unless the footwear is offering you the right fitment, you will feel uncomfortable and hence, it might affect your performance.

On the other hand, appearing to work, wearing a shoe which is not fitting in a right way, will exert more pressure on the feet and thus, it will turn impossible for you to stand for long hours.

In addition, such occurrence can enhance the chances of deformation of the heel and toe that can result in a devastating outcome.

3.  Support for the heel and arch

As if a general rule, you should ensure that you are choosing footwear that offers adequate support to the toe and heel. Considering the point that you will be standing throughout the day, such support will assist in ensuring that you are getting the adequate comfort.

You should always avoid footwear that features heel more than an inch. This is a point that is especially relevant for women.

Before you buy standing shoes, it is equally important to check the arch shape. If you have low arching feet or its flat, you would need a different selection of shoes, compared to those individuals who have higher arching of their feet.

However, arch support, insert will enable you to overcome these troubles. Thus, while buying standing shoes, you should always check whether if the arching on the shoe is ideally suited the inherent arching of your feet. This way, you can ensure that you get the optimal comfort from your footwear.

4.  Does the footwear feature the adequate width?

A basic principal of physics suggests that pressure will be lesser on wider surface areas. If you are standing all the day, you exert unbearable pressure on your feet.

You can significantly reduce this pressure if you are picking footwear that features wider toe.

This way, you can ensure the optimal comfort of your feet. In comparison, footwear for men features a greater width than the width of the footwear for ladies.

Professionals, who require standing the day long for professional reasons, should never appear at work in shoes that are of lesser width than their toes. Using of inappropriate width shoes can intensify the pressure, which can trigger the occurrence of deformities in the feet.

Thus, you need to pick the standing shoes being wise and considerate. If you are buying the shoes online, return the shoe if you find the width is not adequate. Remember, wider toes are an inevitable feature of standing shoes and you should not make the minimal compromise in this regard.

5.  Choose the right weight for Best Shoes For Standing All Day

The weight of the footwear is an important point of consideration while you buy any shoes. This consideration turns all the more important when you are buying shoes for standing.

For professionals who require standing all day long, the standing shoes are just their occupational gear and hence, they can never ever make the slightest compromise on its quality.

When you put on footwear that is heavyweight, you intensify the pressure exerted on your feet in the course of standing. Hence, heavyweight footwear is a no-no as a choice of standing shoes. The extra pressure will exert more pressure on the feet and can trigger deformities of the toes and feet.

Standing shoes should always come lighter in weight that will lessen the pressure on the toe and feet. This will ensure that you are getting the right comfort that will enable you to concentrate on your work.

6.  Considering the style of the footwear is equally important

As you will use the standing shoes in the work ambiance, you can never ever ignore the aesthetic side. This point will turn more crucial if you are a professional that requires you interfacing the customers and clients.

There is a proverbial saying that the worthiness of an individual gets judged by the quality and condition of his/her footwear. With that said, you should pick those options that complement your physical features and can accentuate your matured and classy taste.

Likewise, you should give good importance on the aspect of your personal taste and choice. However, ensure that the aspect of styling never compensates the aspects like functionality or comfort.

Fortunately, leading brands offer you a wide portfolio of options that will feature the ideal balance between comfort, style, convenience as well as functionality.

7.  Does the shoe features anti-fatigue technology?

A gallant pick for the standing shoes will be the ones, constructed with an anti-fatigue technology. Standing for long hours, your toe and feet experiences massive pressure.

This will give you a fatigued feeling that will bring distraction in the concentration level and will even the effect your efficiency and productivity. The most effective solution to these challenges is the standing shoes, made of anti-fatigue technology.

Standing shoes made with anti-fatigue technology usually features wider toes, comes with light weight and includes thicker cushioning. These adjustments make the standing shoe ideal for the users.

These shoes absorb the pressure and hence, you can overcome the feeling of fatigue and retain your efficiency and productivity.

This is one of the major reasons that you can account beyond the popularity of the standing shoes. Luckily, all the leading brands of footwear offer standing shoes made with anti-fatigue technology.

8.  Standing shoes should always feature anti-slip property

As you keep standing, you stand chances of slipping, especially if the surface is too smooth or shining. On those grounds, you need to pick shoes that feature anti-slippery properties.

This will prevent all the chances for the wearer to slip. Thus, you require such shoes to ensure occupational safety.

Slipping down suddenly makes you vulnerable to incur devastating blow on the waist, hips, and other parts of the body. As you keep on standing, your legs turn weaker, the chances of such accidents grow further.

Hence, if you are doing a standing job, using the standing shoes with anti-slip features turns inevitable. Standing shoes from the leading brands come with anti-slippery attributes that makes these shoes the best option for the professionals.

You get these shoes within competitive rates with the brick-and-mortar as well as online stores.

9.  Consider the density of footbed

While evaluating the quality and worthiness of standing shoes, you require to check the density of its footbed.

There are shoes available with triple density footbed. By adopting these shoes, you can extend the maximum support to your tired and fatigued feet. This is a wonderful mechanism to reduce the extent of pressure falling on the toes as a result of standing for long hours. This is definitely a healthy option to opt for.

Another challenge that you will have to face, standing for long hours is that the feet keep sweating inside the socks. This can trigger a bacterial infection, which can cause skin ailments. Picking the triple-density footbed, you can even shield these threats.

Therefore, picking these shoes is definitely a wise move as it enables you to escape the threats of deformities of the toes and heel, as well as prevent the outburst of skin ailments on your feet.

10.  Consider the durability of the footwear

As you keep on standing, in addition to your toe and feet, your footwear will always have to absorb a great deal of pressure.

Hence, it is important to opt for those pieces that promise the longest durability. This will ensure that you will not have to incur the expenses of buying shoes at frequent intervals.

It will be wise to opt for the standing shoes, constructed with genuine leather and rubber materials. These materials make the footwear comfortable as well as ensure the longest durability.

Remember, it is the durability of the shoes that is one of the key parameters for determining the qualitative standing of the shoes. Hence, you cannot make the slightest compromise in this regard.

A durable standing shoe will give you the best value for your money. In this regard, it would be wise to opt for the products from leading brands as they come with assured qualitative standing and the longest durability.

Consider the points discussed above to pick the best quality standing shoe that will offer you the optimal comfort and prevent the chances of adversities like deformities.

Most importantly, a carefully chosen standing shoe will support you to enhance your efficiency level and turn more productive at work. Thus, the benefits in picking quality standing shoes are manifold.

The Importance of Proper Footwear while Standing All Day

There are certain professions like nursing, hairdressing, food preparation, security, etc. that requires the professionals to stand throughout the day. For these professionals, standing shoes are absolutely a must.

If you are among these professionals, you will be unable to perform to your potential unless you are putting on your standing shoes.

Feel comfortable in the course of work

You cannot concentrate on your work unless you are feeling comfortable. Hence, if your job requires you to stand throughout the day, you will have to ensure that you are putting on shoes that are meant to serve those instances.

Once you pick suitable footwear, you will feel comfortable, in spite of the fact that you need to stand the day long and you can concentrate on your work that will enable you to perform better.

Better health for Best Shoes For Standing All Day

Standing the day long, your feet absorb a great deal of shock. The outcome of this can trigger adverse health effects. However, by picking up the right kind of shoes, you can overcome these occurrences.

The shoes will absorb the shock and prevent the chances of adverse effects on your health. Also a good shoe will enable you to prevent the chances of deformities on the toes.

You turn more productive

As standing shoes make you feel comfortable while standing and bring relief from the fatigued feelings, you can concentrate on your walk better and work more energetically.

This will enable you to be more productive at work. Hence, organizations like retail or hotels encourage its workforce to adopt standing shoes in the course of the duty.

The points discussed above suggest that the right pair of standing shoe is simply a necessity if a person needs to stand throughout the day.

Pick the most appropriate pair to ensure that you are feeling comfortable and can perform to your full potential.