Have you just stepped into motherhood? Or are planning in advance to have a safe and happy motherhood?

Doesn’t matter at what stage you are, health and betterment of child on every step of life are a priority of every mother.

Nobody can teach you to be a mother, but you learn from experience. Thank technology that you have access to possibly everything you think of. Of course, right now your preference is to find a warmer which is safe, hygienic and can keep the baby food & breast milk in a way it is supposed to be.

We understand your requirements and respect it. To help you out we have tried to find some of the Best Bottle Warmers that will not only match up to your expectations but will fulfill your daily needs too.

To give you a quick glance below is the table with some important features of each bottle warmer. A detailed summary of each bottle warmer is later followed.


1. Dr Brown’s Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown’s Best Baby Bottle WarmerDr Brown’s Bottle Warmer is a warmer that lets you possibly do everything that you have ever wanted to do with a warmer. The bottle warmer by Dr Brown keeps the baby food and milk warm, so that you never have to compromise on anything.

This warmer has a unique body which can fit in almost all types of bottles, making it a multi-purpose product. Using it while you are in your home is heavenly as it is spacious and it is easy to fit in a bottle and jars of any shape and size.

Sometimes the features of a product are not sufficient enough to make it win the race. By this I mean that this product is poorly designed and it may be a slight problem when you try to clean it.

If you were worried the overheating the baby food, then this warmer will resolve all those problems. This product has an LCD which is easy to operate. You can keep an alarm and set the temperature.

The alarm will ring when the food reaches the desired temperature. The bottle warmer doesn’t need frequent water refilling which will reduce one more burden on your part. This machine also has a memory feature which memorizes the cycle for every different bottle. It also has a “one button” start function which can warm the bottle quickly.

 Pros Cons
tickYou can set the alarm at desired temperature which will ring when the food is warm.crossThe design is slightly on the southern side which makes it hard to wash and maintain.
tickThis bottle has a one button start function which can warm the bottle quickly.
tickIt can memorize the cycle of heating for different bottles.

It’s said that the first impression is the last impression and next product will prove this to you in the most simple way ever..

2. Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

Kiinde Kozii Best Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

The brand name Kiinde Kozii means simplicity. A product which is safe and easy to use. It creates a flowing warm water bath that will gently and quickly cool down and warm the food according to CDC and USDA guidelines.

It has a timer which is easy to use on the first go. It lets you know the exact time when the baby food is ready. This warmer too allows you to add water without measurement hassle.

This bottle warmer doesn’t use very high temperature for heating, which helps in preserving the nutrients and antibodies of your breast milk.

The bottle warmer takes more time to heat up the food/water than other products in the market. But if you are not in a hurry and believe that slow-warmer can work for you with all these features, then this one is for you.

Koi with its latest technology not only takes care of the baby food, but also of your tight schedule. The auto shut technology totally disconnects the heat so that you don’t get overheated food. You can remove the bottle whenever you want.

The Koi bottle warmer has a Universal Warming Chamber which can accommodate possibly everything- plastic, glass, jar, bottle, linear bottle etc.

 Pros Cons
tickAuto shut off allows you to remove bottle whenever you want and doesn’t over heat the food. crossIt takes some time for the warmer to heat up.
tickIt warms the food according to the recommendations of CDC & USDA.
tickIt has a universal bottle chamber which is compatible with bottles of every shape size and material too.

If you are looking for a bottle warmer which is very portable and easy to use let very light on your pocket, then don’t miss then next one

3. Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

Tommee Tippee Best Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

A basic warmer with basic features that can impress your basic necessities. Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer have a body made of stainless steel which keeps the temperature of food just in the right place. To keep the temperature where it is supposed to be, this stainless steel body is kept in a high-quality plastic body.

At the time where electric warmers are ruling the market, this particular warmer is like a fresh breeze of air. This warmer gives you homely feeling which makes it part of your daily life. This warmer doesn’t require any external electricity or heat to keep the baby food warm.

The aim of this bottle warmer is to keep the baby food or your breast milk close to the natural environment. You can use this bottle warmer as a very efficient travel baby bottle warmer for your newborns.

In today’s time where everyone is looking for great technology products this one lags behind in the race. It sure does its work properly, but has nothing extravagant to offer you

The thermal flask has the capability to keep the food warm without any external heat. This flask is portable and travel-friendly; doesn’t require you to carry an extra baggage to keep the food hygienic, warm and healthy. This flask is BPA free which makes it healthier than ever before.

 Pros Cons
tickThe warmer is BPA free which makes it healthier than ever.crossThere nothing out of the box that can excite you to buy
tickIt keeps the temperature close to nature which gives it an edge over other products
tickIt is easy to use, maintain and handle

Not so impressed with the first product? Don’t worry, there’s a lot more ahead to look out for. The next product will surely get you high!!

4. Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer, Fast

Philips AVENT Best Bottle Warmer

Philips AVENT warmer can make any mother do the happy dance. This product by Philips is best suited to heat breast-milk in the most natural way. You can also heat baby food, etc., in this warmer without fearing about the hotspots as the food will circulate during the entire process.

AVENT can heat 4 ounces of food in 3 minutes and it can fit in all the Philips AVENT bottles, toddler cups and food jars.

With the help Philips AVENT, you can be a good employ and a great mom too. Just freeze the breast milk and leave the rest of the work for AVENT. This warmer can not only warm the food, but it can defrost it too.

AVENT does its basic job properly. But it fails to do the same job instantly. You have to wait for a while before you heat another batch.

The best part about this warmer is that it is compact in size so you can place it wherever you want. There is a neon colored light on the machine which lets you know it is working properly.

You just have to add water and turn up the dial. A light will blink which indicates that the food inside is heated up to a safe temperature, thus making it to our list of Best Bottle Warmers

 Pros Cons
tickIt warms up the food in right proportioncrossThis warmer is compatible only with Philips AVENT products
tickThere are no hotspots which makes it a healthier option
tickIt is compact and can be kept anywhere

5. Born-Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer

Best Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler

Buying a warmer and knowing that it is not compatible enough with a most genuine bottle in the market will surely stress you out. The warmer by Born-Free is very efficient in that case. It is compatible with most of the bottles – Born Free, Avnet Natural, Avent Classic, Tommie Tippie, Nuk, Dr Brown’s Wide Mouth, Joovy, EvenFlo Wide Neck, Chicco and Medela.

The warmer is designed to efficiently warm the baby food inside and not the bottle. Most of the new mothers have a problem while doing the guess work, like by when the milk will be properly heated but no more guess work. You can easily Dial bottle size and know by when the milk will be ready for the baby and the exact timing too.

It has an automatic shut-off option which will kick start when the machine is running out of water or when the baby food has reached an optimal temperature. This warmer warms 5 Oz bottle in approximately three minutes and 9 Oz of the bottle in approximately five minutes, which is good.

Though this machine comes with a cooler but don’t expect it to provide extravagant results. As it can only keep already refrigerated food cool for a decent period of time.

It has a visual indicator too; which does the countdown while the food is getting heated. You have to refill water only once a day and you don’t need to keep an eye on measurement as this warmer can do that automatically.

You are not restricted in keeping the food warm as the insulated cooling feature can keep two bottles cool. You don’t have to worry about going to the refrigerator during midnight. It has an attractive body which goes with every interior. (*bonus points*)

 Pros Cons
tickAuto shut off solves most of your problems.crossThe cooler is too small and does mediocre job.
tickYou have to refill the water only once a day.
tickYou have to dial the bottle size and the warmer will select the temperature.

6. Maxx Elite Gentle Warm Smart Bottle Warmer

Maxx Elite Gentle Warm Smart Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer w Steady Warm - Best Bottle Warmer

The only aim of this product is to provide quick results, but in a gentle way. That is why Maxx Elite has combined the “Gentle Warm” and the “Steady Warm” technology to give you their latest “2-second bottle” process. With the help of this feature you can give food to your child whenever it starts to feel hungry.

The recommended temperature of the baby milk is 40 degrees Celsius/104 degree Fahrenheit. With its Steady Warm technology, it not only keeps your baby milk warm, but also stores the vitamins, minerals and all nutrients in the food where they belong.

The product works just fine in the beginning, but its not a consistent player and may frustrate you sometime due to unexpected results.

Most mothers who doesn’t prefer a bottle warmer over a normal flask has an excuse of choosing health over ease. But this product has a solution to that.

The product also has an “Auto-shut off” feature which executes at the end of the sterilization cycle or when the warmer is running low with water.

 Pros Cons
tickAuto shut off technology is just like a blessing in disguise. It is relief for all the multi-tasking mothers.crossMay fail to give you consistent result every time you plug it in.
tickSteady warm technology ensures that the baby food is served at right temperature.
tickThe “2 second bottle” features allows you to provide food to your child whenever he is hungry.

If you were eagerly waiting for a warmer that had significant cooling feature and Born-Free True-Temp Bottle Warmer disappointed you then the next product is a true delight

7. The First Years Night Craving Bottle Warmer and Cooler

The First Years Night Cravings - Best Bottle Warmer & Cooler

This product has a cooling feature which can store two bottles, which will remain cool from night to morning. It has all the basic features, starting from the auto shut off, which allows you to do your stuff and remove the bottle when the kid wants to eat.

It can fit in most of the bottles – wide, narrow and disposable too, which is a plus point. It doesn’t come with a bottle along with it. However, it warms the baby food and sterilizes the pacifier.

Keeping the concept of this warmer in mind which allows you to detach the cooler- this product is a great buy. One major drawback of this product is that it doesn’t indicate when the bottles are ready.

You can place this machine anywhere and feed your kid anytime you want without stepping out of your room. The cooler can keep the milk cool for up to 7-8 hours and can warm the cool food within minutes.

 Pros Cons
tickIts cooler an store two bottles and keep it cool overnightcrossThe warmer doesn’t give you indication when the milk is ready
tickIt can fit in most of the bottles even the disposable ones too. crossThere might be hot spots on the bottles
tickThis product can keep food cool and warm for a significant time.

Don’t worry about the hot spots anymore, we have something cute and special for you.

8. Boon Orb Bottle Warmer

Boon Orb Best Bottle Warmer

A small cute looking product which has a lot more to offer than just good looks. This product steam heats the baby food without any hot spots. Though small in size it can magically fit into most of the bottle types including the disposable and silicon bottles too.

It has a tube along with it which will help you with easy measurements. It also features auto-off, which does shut off when the work is done.

The problem lies inside the tube provided for measurement is that it is marked with arbitrary numbers at inconsistent differences.

You need to maintain a time gap of at least 10 minutes, so that the heating element cools down before you put in another bottle. The product is non-skid so you can keep it on tiles too.

 Pros Cons
tickIt is small in size and has all useful featurescrossThe measurements provided on the tube are inconsistent
tickIt can work with all types of bottles including disposable and silicon ones

9. Munchkin High-Speed Bottle Warmer

Munchkin Best High Speed Bottle Warmer

One of the best warmer you could buy in the present date. It has the steam warming technology, which will warm up the baby food quickly and evenly.

Microwaving is never a good idea as it is dangerous and baby food may lose nutrients, but with this product that problem will be resolved.

This product is not compatible with drop in bottles which may be an issue for some buyers

It has an on/off indicator so that you are aware when the baby food is heated. The auto shut off makes the work easier for you. It has an adapter ring so that bottles of different shapes and sizes can fit in. There is a measuring cup too for convenient measurements.

 Pros Cons
tickThe adapter ring makes it possible to fit bottles of different shapes and sizescrossThis warmer is not compatible with drop in bottles
tickThis product doesn’t leave any hot spot on the container
tickThe warmer has an auto shut off option
tickCost friendly
Buyers Guide - The Final Verdict

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Bottle Warmers – The Final Verdict

Each product is good in one way or the other, but which one will suit your needs?

The better bottle warmer should do its work properly and you should feel content once you own it. I am sure there are few questions in your mind which need to be answered.

Not a problem, we have possibly answered all your questions here, which will help you in buying a good bottle warmer for your bundle of happiness.

What are the necessary points to remember before you shop for a bottle warmer?

Health and Safety:

Buying a bottle warmer can be a tricky thing to do. You have to take care of various aspects. Some of these aspects can be overlooked if you are shopping or in a hurry. Though there is one thing which can never be compromised with and that is “health and safety”.

Avoiding risk injury and providing healthy and nutritious milk to a child is essential. Buy a bottle warmer which can maintain temperature (not more) to 37C.


What is the prime aim of a bottle warmer? The prime aim of a warmer is to keep the baby food/breast milk consistently warm. We want you to double check this point before you buy the warmer. Most of the warmers in the market are inconsistent in providing you with warm food every time.

Easy Usage:

Whenever you buy a new product it takes some time for it to become a part of your day to day life. Before that, you have to learn how to properly use that product so that you can get desired results. In your case- you need to buy a product which not only is less messy but is highly user-friendly. The lesser the extra package the better the product.


Feeding bottles come in different shapes and sizes. Some are narrow, some tall and the others are just out of shape. Choose a bottle warmer that can easily fit in any type of bottle no matter what shape or size it has.


Buy a bottle warmer which is easy to handle, care and washable. Too much heavy or bully warmer wouldn’t be easy to carry and clean. No hustle no bustle just easy to wash.


You also should look for a travel baby bottle warmer which you can easily carry with your baby when you are travelling and not at home.

Types of Bottle Warmers

Types of Bottle Warmers

There are various types of Bottle Warmers, which we will discuss in detail here:

Standard Baby Bottle Warmers

They are recognized to be the most common type of bottle warmers which are beneficial in heating up one bottle of milk. These warmers generally come with an indicator light which goes off as the milk reaches the specific temperature. It also consists of thermostat that keeps the temperature of water consistent. Most will require descaling on a regular basis till you make use of softened water. It is beneficial to purchase the bottle warmers that come with a timer.

If you are planning to use the bottle warmer for heating food jars and milk, you should select an adaptor to hold jars at a height that can be reached at ease. There are few warmers that come with facilities for heating food in a bowl.

Feeding-System Bottle Warmers

They are recognized to be more sophisticated in comparison to the standard type. Milk is heated in a similar way in these bottle warmers. They have a cooler section where few bottles can be kept chilled and can be warmed one when it’s time to feed your baby.

Portable Baby Bottle Warmers

They are considered to be the simplest kind of bottle warmers that are available these days. They assist in warming the bottle at ease when you are out and about. However, milk takes a longer time to warm up in comparison to the other kinds of warmers.

Car Bottle Warmers

Car bottle warmers can be plugged into a power socket or into a car’s cigarette lighter. They come with a webbing wrap or a stray where it is possible to fit baby food or a bottle of milk. They are, however slow, hence it is a pre-requisite to have a proper planning before using these bottle warmers.

Flask Types Bottle Warmers

This specific bottle warmer is produced by Thermos which has a similar function like a flask. It comprises of two sections. It contains a lid which is deep enough for holding the bottle along with an inner flask. Before going out, you should be filling the flask with boiled water, after which the lid should be attached. When you require a bottle of milk to be heated, you should be removing the lid after which the bottle should be inserted into it. Next to that, you should fill around the same with hot water from the flask. It will take a few minutes for heating up the milk. The water should, however, be made enough hot for a few hours so that it can warm the bottle without any hassles.


Advantages of using a Bottle Warmer

It is a pre-requisite that mothers should take complete care while heating pumped breast-milk. If you heat breast-milk in the microwave, there can be an alteration in the composition of the milk. Due to this, the milk may lose specific nutrients and anti-infective properties. These changes may occur even if the milk is microwaved for a shorter time duration. Owing to this, they are considered to be highly effective.

Breast-milk is considered to be highly sensitive to warm temperature due to which they can lose content of vitamin C at ease. Heating breast-milk on the stove is also not recommended as it may be responsible for the central spike in temperature, which may result in the breast-milk to break apart. Just like microwaved breast milk, there may be a loss of micro-nutrients, vitamins, immunological properties in no time.

Doctors also are of the opinion that the microwaving formula may lead to a distribution of heat, thereby, burning bellies and mouth of babies. If you heat the milk on the stove, there are increased chances of breast milk breaking apart. It will loose different micro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals at ease.

Bottle warmers are considered to be the best option in this case. They can be used at ease. A number of mothers consider that the bottle warmer is the best discovery for babies. Moms should take a prerequisite of caution while heating formula milk or breast milk.

Here are a few benefits of using a bottle warmer:

Constant temperature

Bottle warmers are capable of maintaining the milk in the bottle at a consistent temperature. Hence the milk is readily available for consumption of the baby.

Time efficiency

You need to check the temperature of the milk present in the bottle frequently while heating it on a stove or microwave. This may consume a lot of your time. However, you do not need to keep a consistent checking of heat while using a bottle warmer. It is due to the fact that it stays at a consistent temperature.

Consistency is recognized to be the key

Heating milk with the aid of a microwave does not assure that the milk will be warmed all throughout. There is no even distribution of heat and there may be certain parts which have not become hot enough. Subsequently, it is possible to soak the bottle all through the way via the bottle warmer.


If you are planning a vacation, a bottle warmer plays an integral role. There are a number of models you can choose from in accordance with your requirements. There are bottle warmers available which can run on batteries. On the other hand, there are bottle warmers in which outlets are used for the purpose of charging. There are some bottle warmers that come with an outlet which is possible to plug into the cigarette lighter of the car.

There are a number of benefits of using a bottle warmer. You just need to add water and out the same in a bottle warmer. After it is set to the correct temperature, the bottle warmer lights up or rings. You should make sure to shake the bottle before feeding your baby.


FAQs on Bottle Warmers

If you are planning to purchase a bottle warmer for the first time, it is obvious that a few questions will revolve in your mind. The underneath paragraphs shall try to answer a few questions in this regard that are asked most frequently.

Is it necessary to buy this equipment?

Even if there are several conventional ways to heat the food of your baby or milk, the bottle warmer can reduce the time that you spend in this regard. On that, this appliance will come highly effective in instances you are planning to go on a holiday. The market has the availability of extensive options, and you can pick the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

Is this a safe appliance to use?

You can stand assured that the appliance will be safe to use so long the product meets the adequacy standards. In addition, the appliance will not malfunction, if you are following the ideal usage pattern, as mentioned in the user manual. Hence, you need to go through the user manual carefully before you start using the appliance. Remember, appliance safety largely depends on the style of using it.

What are the benefits of adopting this appliance?

  • One of the biggest advantages of using this appliance is that, it can retain the temperature of the liquid at a constant level.
  • As the appliance can maintain the temperature of the liquid to a fixed level, it saves time in heating the liquid several times. Hence, you achieve time, efficiency, adopting this appliance.
  • For the ability of the appliance to retain the temperature at a constant level, you will not need starving your baby for the time it takes in heating the milk each time.

What are the Cons associated with the appliance?

As nothing under the sun in perfect, this appliance has its own cons as well. Following are few of the points in this regard:

  • If the appliance is not complying with the adequacy standards, it can end-up turning excessively hot and melting up the bottle.
  • Some of the parents have raised the complaint that the appliance they are using is taking excessive time to heat up the liquid. Hence, their babies are starving by the time the liquid is getting heated.
  • If the product is not complying with the adequate standard, it can trigger safety challenges that can result in a devastating outcome.

You should select the brand being wise and considerate to ensure that you are picking a quality product to reap maximum benefits from it.


Breastfeeding vs Bottlefeeding

Choosing between breastfeeding and bottle feeding is considered to be one of the biggest decisions you need to make as a parent. A number of health organizations recommend that breastfeeding happens to be the perfect choice for babies as you can accomplish protection to your baby against infections, prevent allergies, etc. Although it goes without saying that breastfeeding is the best choice for babies in terms of nutrients, breastfeeding may not be possible for all women. For mothers who are not capable of breastfeeding, bottle feeding is recognized to be the best option.


In accordance with AAP or American Academy of Paediatrics, babies should be fed on breast milk during the initial six months. Breastfeeding is considered to being the best nutritional choice for your baby owing to the following reasons:

It confers natural anti-bodies that assist in resisting the illness of the baby such as ear infections.

  • Breast milk can be digested by infants at much ease in comparison to bottle milk. So, babies who feed on breast milk are considered to be less gassy and constipated.
  • It reduces the dangers of sudden infant death syndrome in the first few years of baby’s life to a considerable extent.
  • It will enhance the intelligence of a child. Extensive studies reveal that breastfed babies have increased the level of cognitive function.
  • There are reduced chances of the development of leukemia, high cholesterol, diabetes, type 1 and 2 diabetes, asthma, lymphoma for the children who are fed on breast milk.


Bottlefeeding is also considered to be another good choice for babies. Bottled milk is considered to be the best alternative to breast milk. Here are few advantages of bottle feeding:

It is known to be convenient. Anyone can feed babies who feed on bottle milk.

  • It happens to be flexible. You do not require, fitting pumping into the work schedule.
  • Your partner can assist with nighttime feedings. Thus, he can share a good bonding with the baby.
  • Scheduled feeding is certainly better than breast milk. Bottle milk does not get digested easily by babies like breast milk. Hence, babies who fed on bottle milk do not require to eat often during the first few months.
  • Mothers do not need to worry about their food. Mothers who breastfeed should be avoiding a specific foods, which cannot be tolerated by babies.

Best Practices for Handling Breast Milk

Breast milk is referred to as the liquid gold. It is recognized to be the most superior food for infants both immunological and nutritionally. Breast milk is considered to be the most important food for babies. Here is a list of the best practices for handling breast milk:

Here are a few tips from credible medical sources on different things that every pumping mother should know about handling breast milk:

How to store it

Procedures to warm it

Do not reuse it

Degradation of nutrients in case it is warmed at a higher temperature

Tips to store breast milk

Here are a few guidelines for keeping expressed breast milk healthy for your baby:

  • You should make use of pumping equipment and clean containers which are washed with soap and hot water after which it is rinsed thoroughly.
  • Hard containers that come with an airtight seal are recommended for long term storage of breast milk. You should, however, make sure not to fill the container completely as breast milk expands after freezing.
  • You can store breastmilk in bags and plastic storage bottles, which are specifically designed for storing human milk. You should, however, avoid using formulated bottled bags and plastic storage bags.
  • You should refrain from adding fresh breast milk to old frozen milk. If you are doing so, make sure you cool the new milk before mixing it with the refrigerated milk. Mixing of warm milk directly to chilled milk is not at all recommended.

Tips to warm breast milk

Thawing frozen milk in the refrigerator will reduce the warming time. It will avoid the extended time duration for an impatient, hungry and crying baby. You should avoid using hot water for thawing milk. You should place the sealed container in warm water for 20 minutes for bringing the same to the body temperature.

You should avoid overheating if you want to preserve the full nutritional value of warm breast milk. Your main objective should be heating breast milk up to or below the body temperature. It is recommended to use warm water bath temperature for heating milk as it will assist in avoiding the loss of nutrients as well as risks of overheating.

Here are a few guidelines you should be keeping in mind for warming breast milk:

  • You should not refreeze thawed milk. It is safe in the freezer for a duration of almost 24 hours.
  • You should be using oldest milk on a priority basis.
  • Babies may drink warm milk or milk at room temperature.
  • Milk can be thawed by placing the same in the refrigerator the night before using or gently warming the same. You should place the container under warm running water or warm water in a bowl.
  • You should not allow the level of water in bowl touch the mouth of the container.
  • Milk left in feeding container post feeding should be thrown away.
  • Don’t refreeze breast milk once it is partially thawed or thawed.
  • You should be swirling the container of milk for mixing cream back in and distributing the heat in an even manner. Do not stir.

Never use a stove or microwave for heating breastmilk as these may lead to a destruction in the antibodies.

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