Best Baby Carrier

Best Baby Carrier

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Want to buy a baby carrier, but have no idea?

Don’t worry! We are here to help you!!

Choosing a perfect product from many options is sometimes confusing. Small babies are very sensitive and they need much attention, so choosing the right product is very essential.

There are plenty of baby carriers out there; ready to be worn so choosing the best baby carrier can be a challenge.

Finding that correct one is very important which will make you feel relaxed and comfortable while walking, shopping or doing any other work. If you are not properly aware about the product and you buy something which is not comfortable it can give you back pain and even hurt your baby.

Thus, choosing the right baby carrier is very important!!

The list has been made under experts review and arranged in the order of the “Best Baby Carriers 2018”.

1. Veenev Ergonomic Baby Carrier


Is your baby an infant or toddler?

Veenev Ergonomic Baby Carrier will suit all. Your baby will feel comfortable and relaxed as it has been designed such that you are able to carry your baby in three different carrying positions. The baby can rest and sleep for long hours while you are working. The carrier is made from100% cotton and is flexible. Mommies can wash it easily in washing machine and is recommendable.

The carrier is made up of a high quality material to suit toddlers and infant’s soft and sensitive skin. It has an adjustable sling, which is easy to handle while working or going for a walk. The seat has been inserted such that it is adaptable, providing proper support from any position you are in with your baby.

This carrier has been designed such that it supports your baby’s head, neck, back and hip correctly.

The best part of this product is its hands-free design lets you do all your pending work easily and fast.

Some essential features you will love in this product are its safety buckles to avoid any accidents. It supports all weather. It also allows air to circulate freely through the carrier so you won’t feel uncomfortable and will keep your baby pleasant all the time.

The downside in this product is the quality of the cuddle pocket, rest all seems to be perfect.

Suite’s every weather Limited number of carrying positions
Easily holds up to 25 lbs Quality of cuddle pocket
Best product for nursing
Easily washable
Budget friendly

2. Ergobaby Four Position 360 carriers


Ergobaby carrier is one of the most popular high quality brand products, highly remarkable in the market. This carrier can be used in four different positions Back, Hip, Front Inward, and Front Outward, all carrying positions comfortable, safe and secure.

The adequate posture of baby in this carrier will be frog-leg, seated position with knees or above hips and spine in curved “C” position. This carrying position is very comfortable for your baby and you will not feel any restless if you carry your baby in it even for a long time. The product is made of cotton and air passes through it easily. It suits to all weather conditions.

The product is on the expensive side when compared to its other counterparts, which can be a bit discouraging to fit everyone’s budget

Maximum parent comfort (father and mother) Absence of cuddle pocket to hold extra things
Easily holds weight from 7 to 33 pounds Very expensive
Made unique by adding four positions to carry baby
Easily wash in machine
Available in gray color

3. Tula Ergonomic Carrier

best baby carrier 3 tula ergonomic carrier

When comes to baby carriers, Tula can meet all the requirements easily, with many features and is one of the popular products around. Tula is a popular brand in baby carriers and is also a business member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA). If you had bought a carrier which has failed in quality and other features, then you should probably give Tula a try.

Talking about Tula’s makeover, it has been made with Khaki canvas containing removable and regulated hood. Shoulder straps present in the carrier are expandable and can expand from 20″ to 23” to give better relaxed mode. You can also find webbing attached to the strap which is 29″ long additionally.

This specific Tula brand carrier can be used in both positions- front and back. It can carry baby weight from 15- 45 pounds.

Why it is so specific?

You can call it a specific product due to its Ergonomic M-position seat supporting optimal development, which becomes easy for you to take care of your baby. It is made up of 100% cotton material and available in different color options. It’s a strong carrier and is one of the best in the list. Highest quality DuraFlex buckles have been added which includes amazing features like dual-adjustment straps to allow for the perfect fit, additional leg-opening and shoulder padding.

In addition to these features you get a large pocket on the contouring hip belt. It is very beneficial while baby is sleeping as it provides support to your baby’s head. It has a removable hood so the sleep your baby does not get affected. It gives protection from the sun and wind and allows you breastfeed the baby easily and comfortably.

One shortcoming of this baby carrier is the absence of flexibility to carry the baby in different positions.

Tula has been an award winning industry leader capable in providing you the best ever manufactured carrier. It looks smart, beautiful, long lasting, easy to use and versatile in performance. Not so expensive, but still a little high in cost compared to other products in the listed.

Long lasting carrier Does not fit in budget for many
Safe and secure for your baby Lack of different carrying positions
Available in variety of prints
Infants to kids up to 4 years can be easily carried
Support’s bond between parent and child

4. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original


Have you ever heard this classic brand BABYBJORN?

It is one of the recognized companies known for manufacturing quality baby carriers. Their products are made of 100% original material and cotton is the main base of the product. This baby carrier gives you a close feeling when you are with your baby. Though your hands are free, you feel like your baby is safe and just near you.

First and foremost, it gives good support to your baby’s back and head. This helps your baby to sleep in a perfect position so that he doesn’t feel any pain in his nerves or sensitive areas. Don’t worry about their legs and arms as it has been designed such that baby’s legs and arms are in a perfect physiologically right position. It has an adjustable neck rest, which allows you to fold the neck-rest once your baby grows a little older, and he can face forward and look around easily.

This carrier supports up to 11 kgs/25 lbs.  It is a perfect product for newborns. It has been developed with pediatricians to give your baby’s head, neck, spine and hips proper support they need.

One drawback of this carrier is that it offers only two safe and easy positions – baby facing in and baby facing out. It can be a little discouraging for some people, but if you are fine with that then it is also one of the best products available in the market.

Overall, the product is best and affordable. Don’t forget to wash in machine at 40 degrees c/warm and wash it separately with gentle, bleach free detergent.

Made of high quality cotton Only two carrying positions
Easily washable
Cost effective
Safe and easy to use with only few adjustments

5. Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier


Till now you have read four wonderful & reliable carriers. Infantino also provides you good quality carrier manufactured to suit you and your baby. The admirable part of this Infantino product is its flexibility and its four way baby carrying capability. It offers an Ergonomic seat for optimal baby hip positioning along with advanced supportive waist belt. It also contains adjustable padded straps for long term wear-ability to allow you to work comfortably.

The four carrying positions that you can change into comfortably are facing in a narrow seat for newborns, facing in the wide seat for older babies, facing out narrow seat for babies with control on head and back, carry wide seat for older babies and toddlers. Is this not amazing? Yes, it is because all four positions are very easy and comfortable for any women at home or outside. One major part to notice in this product is the clever wonder cover 2 in 1 BIB specially designed product to protect your carrier and clothes.

One more unique feature of this product is that it has an easy adjustable seat and leg openings. It also contains straps and waist belt, so that you get a complete customized fit.

You can buy this product as it is cheap and affordable. Many who have already bought are happy with this product and its amazing features. Choose this product if you are looking carrier at budget.

Adjustable seat Lack of cuddle pocket
Four comfortable positions
Easily wearable
Washable in a machine
Supports up to 32 pounds

6. Moby Wrap Modern’s

best baby carrier 6 moby wrap baby carrierMoby has something new for you and your baby when it comes to its look, design and features. It not only fits in the budget, but also delivers you exactly what you expect. The best part you will notice in this product is its distinctive contrast stitch. Soft and natural cotton fabric have been applied in this product and it creates a strong bonding between parents and their baby. You can easily spread the fabric across the shoulders for optimal comfort. Along with this your baby also gets knee to knee support in the most optimal baby wearing position.

This carrier is so unique and comfortable that it grows easily with your child. The carrier can carry about 35 pounds. The baby feels warm and cozy inside while you have your hands free.

This carrier has been designed to suit customers effectively by adding most of the details. Parents love buying Moby Wrap due to its comfort, style and adaptability thus making it to the list of our Best Baby Carriers 2018.

tick Made of 100% cotton cross Can take a bit longer to put on and off
tick Gives baby full comfort cross Absence of different carrying positions
tick Has a different unique style
tick Wide piece of fabric to wrap over both shoulders

7. LILLEbaby – The COMPLETE Original

best baby carrier 7 lillebaby complete original 6-in-1 baby carrier

Till now, whatever details you read about the carriers mentioned above, you must have noticed that there are only two to four babies carrying positions available in each of them. But LILLEbaby has done something very unique and can accommodate a total of six positions and is a 360 degree ergonomic carrier ever. It is made up of pure cotton. It has a very stylish and eye-catchy look which will have heads turning wherever you go.

The carrier is very soft and durable and very comfortable for the baby. Best part to notice is its weight, it is very light yet very strong. It supports 45 pounds of weight and has a long life span. The features are just endless with this product compared with others. The six positions you can carry your toddler are Front-Fetal, Front-Infant, Front Facing Out, Front-Toddler, Hip and Back. In addition to these features, you can also find features like the signature Lumbar Support, Neck Support, Sleeping Hood, 2-way Shoulder Straps, and zippered Pocket in the same carrier.

We will surely recommend you this amazing product filled with so many unbelievable features and can be bought in affordable price.

tick Durable, and long lasting cross Can be little expensive
tick Six supportive positions
tick Compact, light weight and easily washable in machine

8. Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier

best baby carrier 8 baby-ktan baby carrier

What you find in this product?

The double-loop design present in this carrier is a unique design blend of a sling, wrap and carrier all-in-one, providing the positions and benefits of all three in the same. It is capable of evenly distributing weight across the shoulder and back. It comes in a size which is suitable to be carried by both the parents. It is light weight and compact, just like a sling and is very supportive to carry your baby on. This carrier comes with a matching sash that converts to a carrying bag.

None other than this carrier will give you so many benefits in a single product. It is a ready to wear anytime carrier, with no buckles, snaps, rings or any hardware used in it. The double loop design feature enables easy access to the product and high security alert and privacy benefits.

Six position carrier along with many best features state it is one of the best products in this list.

tick Six reclining positions cross Does not stretch much at the beginning thus feels tight and fizzy
tick Individually sized for mom dad cross High in cost
tick Machine washable

9. Infantino Sash Mei Tai baby carrier

Best baby carrier 9 infantino sash wrap and tie baby carrier

The Infantino Sash is one of the popular brands famous due to its features, which makes it unique. It is based on a centuries-old style of baby wearing called Mei Tai. It fits with your body, naturally due to the absence of the buckle, wrap and tie design. This carrier is very flexible and adjusts to make a comfortable fit for all body types including both Mom and Dad. In addition, there are three different carrying positions you can use with this carrier, they are: facing-in, hip-hugger and backpack. If you are somewhere outside out in the sun, a detachable hood will help you in protecting your baby and get a sleepy time. The outer covering is made up of 100% cotton and hood is made up of 80% polyester and 20% cotton.

This carrier has less features, but trust, you can go with this carrier.

tick Machine washable cross Hood is made of mixed material
tick Can carry children from 8-36 pound / 3.6-16.3 kgs cross It is not light weight and may not long lasting
tick Buckle free wrap and tie design
tick Cost friendly

10. Boba 4G Carrier

Best baby carrier 10 boba 4g carrier

The ergonomic Boba 4G soft-structured carrier is designed to adapt, so that you can enjoy carrying your baby though working. It includes some wonderful features such as integrated infant insert, multiple adjustments for a perfect fit, front and back carry options, easy pockets for emergency storage, and removable sleeping hood and foot straps.

It can hold up to 45 pounds weight of a baby. Its design, foot straps and multiple adjustments make it an eye catchy product, parents would love to use. The chest strap available in the carrier easily slides up and down so mom or dad anyone can carry it easily.

Don’t worry about the material used as it is made up of 100% cotton and free from any budding harmful materials or dyes. Not less than any other product beside features and function, but it still should add some more advanced features.

tick The baby’s weight is evenly distributed on your body cross Washing issues
tick Removable sleeping hood and foot straps included cross Only two positions back carry and front carry
tick Grows with your baby from new born to toddler

The above carrier list with details is just for you, so that you can be clear about each and every product before buying. All are best, but some may have many features and some less. We had also let you know the pros and cons so it will make the shopping easier. Hope this helped you. Take care of yourself and your baby and feel closer to your baby while you are busy in any work.

Buyer's Guide

Your Guide – Best Baby Carriers 2018

Baby carriers, slings, and wraps are helpful for carrying the baby close to the parents. Your hands remain free, you can travel along rough roads, move up the stairs, and your overall navigation becomes easier, while your baby is tied to you. However, choosing an ideal baby carrier which suits you perfectly is difficult. Here are some aspects you must consider while choosing a baby carrier:


As babies grow quite quickly, you should choose a carrier that will serve your baby’s needs throughout her development and growth cycle. You should ensure that the weight of your baby matches with the recommendations made by the carrier manufacturer. All carriers, slings and wraps are usually adjustable to cater your needs through the changes. Versatility in the position of carrying is also important as different carriers allow different positions.


Ensure that the straps and seat will render support to your baby in a secure manner. Do not forget to check that the belts, snaps, buckles are in a good working condition. Ensure that the carrier you are selecting has a high durability which can sustain for years & be used for the next baby.


Comfort is the most important thing you should keep in mind while choosing a baby carrier. You should opt for carriers with wide straps, so that your baby’s weight gets distributed equally across your shoulders. Opt for padded straps and fabric that is sturdy in nature. A carrier with a lower padded waist belt for the distribution of your baby’s weight is ideal.


Today, a lot of people travel with their babies and prefer ultra compact carriers,  which can be stowed away in a  bag. Many compact carriers become quite small when they are rolled up. Such carriers are less costly and are of very light weight. In some cases, it is better to choose shoulder straps which are not padded. These can be used as a secondary carrier for your baby.

Breast feeding friendly

Carriers and wraps are ideal for discreet breastfeeding. You have to ensure that your baby’s airway does not get covered as you breastfeed. When considering breastfeeding while choosing a carrier, you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

All carriers do not serve the same purposes, and can vary in design, convenience and style. Hence, you should keep the above considerations in mind before buying a baby carrier.

Types of Baby Carriers

Types of Baby Carriers

A baby carrier is a supporting device which you wear for holding your infant near your torso. Baby carriers are available in various types and it is important for you to choose the most suitable, comfortable, and safe one.

There are lots of Baby Carriers in the Market with plenty of brands out there, but know which are the Best Baby Carrier 2018 & how they can suit you the best.

Here are the different types of Baby Carriers you can choose from:


Wraps are available in woven and stretchy forms. They are long pieces of fabric which wraps around your neck and your baby. These slings are quite comfortable for wearing as the fabric spreads across your whole back. This utilized both your shoulder and back muscles at an equal rate.  Stretchy wraps are made with a soft material and they can be left after after being tied on. However, stretchy wraps are not much used because of the fabric’s nature which does not provide enough support for infants. Several layers of stretchy wraps are used for ensuring sufficient support.

Mei Tais

These carriers are of Asian style and consist of a shaped fabric piece, along with four straps. One set of straps gets tied around your waist, the other around your shoulders. Because of this, the fabric forms a pocket for your baby to fit in. You can wear this carrier in the back, front or hip.

Soft Structured Carriers

SSCs or soft structured carriers are a combination of a rucksack and a mei tai. The body of this carrier resembles that of a mei tai. There is a structured waist and shoulder straps which fasts with straps or buckles. These are very comfortable for use. The shorter straps do not touch the floor, making this carrier effective.

Ring Slings and Pouches

These are pieces of cloth having two rings sewed to it at one end. The free end is looped via the rings, which forms a pouch for your baby. This baby carrier is worn over one shoulder.

Baby carriers are similar to clothes and shoes, and one style is no fit for every body. You need to try out different baby carriers to discover the one that suits you best.

Types of Baby Wraps

Types of Baby Wraps

Baby wraps, also referred to as wrap slings are simple baby carriers. They are usually made of a long fabric piece and are tied around you and your baby.  You can double them up as sun shades, nursing covers, and blankets. There are two primary types of wraps; woven wraps and stretchy wraps.

Stretchy Wraps

These are made up of fleece or T-shirt fabric. They are very stretchable along the width, and some are thicker while others are thinner. Usually, all stretchy wraps come in one size. Stretchy wraps are recommended for carrying children up to the weight of 15 kg.  As these wraps are literally stretchy you require three fabric layers around your baby. This limits the methods of tying. You can do front carries yourself, while back carrying can be done, with help. These are comfortable and are recommended for beginners.

Woven Wraps

Woven wraps are versatile slings used for carrying your baby. There are different materials and designs which you can choose from, such as cashmere and silk combinations. Commonly, cotton wraps are used the most. The lengths of woven wraps available in the market come from 2.50m to 5.70m. 4.70m is the length of the most common woven wraps. You should choose an ideal length, which is suited to the size of your clothes. Woven wraps are used for premature babies as well, without any weight limit. There are various ways of typing a woven wrap. You can choose from hip carries, front carries, back carries, carries which are ideal for breastfeeding, carries which can be pre tied, and many more. Most of the ways of typing a woven wrap are variations of one another.

Baby wraps are important for your baby’s safety and comfort, and hence, it is important for you to choose wisely while buying a baby wrap. Woven wraps are considered to be the most suitable type of baby wrap, where you can do front, hip, and back carried from the beginning.


Baby Wrap Wearing Instructions

Baby wraps, or wrap slings are baby carriers which enable you to tie your baby close to your body.  They are usually made of a long piece of fabric and are tied around your baby and you.  There are many different types of baby wraps, which are available in the market. It is important for you to know how to wear a baby wrap properly, without the risk of it snapping.

Instructions for Wearing a Baby Wrap

  • Unfold the baby wrap.
  • Cross the two outstretched pieces which are behind your back. Bring both the sides up over your shoulders to the front side. Keep on stretching the fabric as you do this. Keep the fabric flat to prevent it from twisting.
  • Hold both the pieces in one hand and put them under the section of the baby wrap where you will find the logo, while maintaining the tension.
  • After this pull down, and the logo piece will rise to your chest level. It has to be adjusted for fitting properly so that it clings to your body.
  • Cross the pieces, and pull them near your waist. Ensure that the pieces are crossing each other in a high position. You can use your sternum as an ideal reference point. You do not need to leave additional space for your infant.
  • Cross the baby wrap behind your back, and bring it to the front. A double knot can be tied on the back or front of your hip, and behind your back.
  • You must ensure that the wrap is wrapped snugly with your body, to ensure than your child is positioned on a higher part of your body. This makes it more comfortable for both you and your baby. For getting your baby in the baby wrap, the shoulder pieces need to be pulled away from you.

Baby wraps are simple to wear, supportive, and allow you to carry your baby comfortably. When tied adequately, they are capable of supporting babies weighing up to 45 pounds.


How to Choose a Baby Carrier

Each product has its own characteristics, behavior and functions. You need to understand them before making your decision about the final purchase. While choosing a baby carrier it is best to consider these factors.

  • Check for the safety of the baby, as safety is the top most priority
  • Mark the child’s age before purchase
  • Identify the correct material which is comfortable and long lasting
  • The size of the carrier is very important as all children are not of the same size
  • Before buying think twice how you want to carry your baby, as carrying position is not less important
  • Climate sometimes seem to be either important or least important but is one of the factors
  • Lifestyle to be thought about before buying

These factors are to be looked for when you are looking for the best carrier for your baby.